Feather Court

A Glee fanfiction (Teaser) 

            Sometimes when you step into a room or lay your fingers on an object or look a person in the eye, there is a short flash of a connection that the poets of the world have named destiny, fate, or even true love.

            But this sensation is nothing more than a myth, the light playing off human nature, a natural lust or desire or greed that snakes up within you and bites deep- and it only lasts if you allow it to keep a hold on you.  

            In the lovely, white-stoned mansion of a building called Feather Court, you will not find a single person who will admit to having this sensation called “destiny”. Here, the only sensation they are allowed to know is the feeling of currency between their fingers and clasped gold on their skin. And as for the clients that come inside, they would be wise to ignore any feelings called “love”- that is, unless they want their pocketbooks to be empty by the end of the month.

            Feather Court is a place for pleasure seekers, a courtesan house, sometimes rudely called a brothel or an upscale whorehouse. And inside are five women and four men of such stunning beauty that you’ll wish they could be your own.

            But you’ll have to pay extra for that.


Ships: Kurtofsky, Kum, Faberry, Brittanna, potentially some Quinntana, Finchel, Tartie, and more. Expect ship battles within. 

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